About Freelancepur

Growing unemployment has become a serious financial challenge in Pakistan, which needs special attention to be solved. Youth is educated, but unskilled. Government, profit & nonprofit organizations are working in their circles to beat the crisis. But, the problem is bigger than the putting efforts. Freelancepur, an organization based in Southern Punjab, bridging the gap by its own designed plan. The route plan is so simple; it is providing short term online earning training programs of two months. As we know that freelancing & internet based businesses have become rapid & attractive sources of income, we are just putting this medium for solving financial crises of Pakistan. We are generating skilful & handsome earning youth within short span of time. We want to open such training centers & co-working spaces in other cities of Pakistan so that everyone can become a part of this progressing journey. Annually, we want to produce 10,000 skilful & self-employed internet based freelancers in the country.    

Our Vision

We are dreaming for a digitally literate & skilful Pakistan, so that everyone can enjoy a prosperous life.

Our Mission

To create digitally skillful and professionally expert young freelancers in the country to minimize the unemployment and maximize the employment as well as prosperity for a bright & delightful tomorrow. We are working for it by day and nights.

Our Team

Freelancepur has a team of professional freelancers those are earning handsome amounts per month by providing different service to their international customers. Creative graphic designers, video & animation creators, professional content writers, digital marketing experts, e-commerce specialists and many more skilled hands are our valuable part; those are now brightening our future by training the youth (males & females equally), and assuring for a guaranteed self-employed future.