How To Become Top Seller on Fiverr in 2023

Become a top seller on Fiverr

There is no need to remind you of the huge earning potential that lies in the leading freelancing platforms. This is not to say that only Fiverr is home to 830,000 worldwide freelancers and has facilitated more than 50 million whopping transactions between buyers and sellers.

Merely signing in and being there is not enough for reaping the benefits altogether; instead, an impressive profile and certain steps will lead you to become a top seller on Fiverr.

Here we have carved out a few worthwhile steps to build a top-notch strategy for your Fiverr account and become a top seller on Fiverr. After putting them into practice, you will certainly find yourself on the right trajectory, leading you to become a top seller on Fiverr.

1. Optimize Your Gigs to Become Top Sellers on Fiverr

Your Gigs are your first introduction to your potential clients. Thus, it should be highlighting your portfolio in an exactly subtle way. The visitor should find the details of its desired service right after getting inside the description of your gig.

Visitors should not be supposed to baffle while exploring your gig.  The description of the gig should be covering all aspects related to the service or product you are offering online. Besides writing a well-thought-out and comprehensive yet succinct description, you still need to do a lot more to optimize your gig.

First, you should have gone through all instructions officially provided by Fiverr about creating a gig. Gigs that are not falling in line with the standard rules will either not be published or removed later. If it survived both cases, the noncompliant gig could never reach the maximum number of buyers after search results. In order to optimize your gig, draft a one-line title of up to 80 characters.

This shrewd one-liner should be expressing exactly what you have on the table to offer. The same title will be your irremovable URL for the respective gig. Hence, always try to bring maximum keywords in it. Make a thorough keyword to add Gig Tags.

You have only been allowed to add five tags in one gig. Find these keywords in the top suggestion of those search results that are related to your services. Never forget to add an eye-catching thumbnail for your gig. Rename it to the title of your gig and add “Fiverr” at the end of it as a suffix. Like, “I will Create Amazon Product Videos to Boost Your Sales Fiverr,” it will help in featuring your gig image in the Google Image search results.

2. Boost Your Response Rate

Remaining active on Fiverr and being vigilant to buyer’s messages will help you to boost your response rate. This response rate is quite a crucial aspect because Fiverr algorithms are used to give preference to gigs that have higher response rates.

This does not mean that you become open to every buyer’s request, whether it complies with your skillset or not. Never be hasty in approving orders from clients. Learn the art of saying NO if you are not prepared for the call. Communicate well and understand the whole idea of the client, then take it back to your chair and decide whether you deliver it on time or not.

If you are short of time, one hack you can use is to go for the right technology. Choose the apps and software to improve your productivity and respond as soon as possible. Then you will not have to plead with the buyer for the order because of your late responses.

You can use Facebook as well to boost your Response Rate. Find a group where a large community of freelancers used to interact with each other. Make a post asking for a response rate boost on Facebook in the group. Simply drop each other a message on Fiverr, and try to reply to those messages on time. You will subsequently see an improvement in the response rate of your Fiverr profile.

3. Avoid Order Cancellation

No one loves order cancellation一 neither client nor the seller. Order cancellation massively leaves a poor impact on your gig’s ranking. It causes an unflattering signal to send out to Fiverr pertaining to your customer service. Fiverr always held client referrals and customer care service in high esteem.

Subsequently, the search results would put your gigs in far later pages and making it a hard journey for you to achieve a badge of top-rated seller. If you don’t want to sway in between the swath of level 1 and level 2 sellers, you have to prevent order cancellations.

This is the reason why the FAQ matter. After your gig description, Fiverr allows you to add Frequently Asked Questions as well. This helps in giving a more clear picture of your services and minimizes the degree of uncertainty.

There might be several reasons that lead to order cancellation. Let’s diagnose each possible reason. Maybe the buyer is not satisfied with the order, (s)he was looking for another thing or expecting more from your end. This disparity should be resolved by taking the pain of the client and delivering the rightly asked product even after the decided timeline and previously defined budget.

Remember, you are putting yourself in this tedious phase just to avoid the situation of order cancellation; this is not necessary when the chances of canceling the order are relatively low.

Another scenario you might confront is that you failed to deliver the order on time or not delivering on his promise. To avoid this, you should analyze well before taking up the mantle of delivering the client’s project. Learn time management skills and incorporate this soft skill in your freelancing career. Always add realistic information in the description of your gigs.

Never brag when it comes to enlisting the subtasks of your service. Be precise and only mention the services that you are really good at; not having an order is still a better choice instead of an order cancellation.

4. Reviews Do Matter A Lot

Reviews and customer referrals are some of the most instrumental things which can drive huge traffic to your profile. Your first early five reviews on your gig sometimes determine your freelancing destiny. Fiverr’s own search engine crawler finds the gigs with higher relevance and positive reviews quickly and exhibits them on the first pages of the search results.

You should always aim for early reviews for any gig you do. Let’s face it; good communication doesn’t just mean that you have mastered the project description. Communication entails a two-way process that includes multiple factors. You need to learn the art of bargaining. This is a place where the customer’s feedback and review are put to the test.

If you are a newbie and dealing with clients, you should offer unlimited revisions to them. Remember, this tip is not for experienced freelancers because it has already been stated that early reviews are helpful for budding freelancers. The post-service support can help you maintain that client’s loyalty and build a healthy working relationship with them. This kind of support helps to build a long-term relationship with the client. This will help you in moving up to the top of the list of best sellers and you can become a top seller on Fiverr.

In a Nutshell

Fiverr has already lured a multitude of freelancers to showcase their skills and earn while sitting at home. This large proportion of self-employed individuals on one platform certainly raises the bar of competition among the sellers.

You have to come up with an out-of-the-box strategy to stand apart from your competitors. Make sure to consider these aforesaid techniques while diving into the pool of Fiverr’s freelancer community. These were the tips you can follow to become a top seller on Fiverr and grow in the freelancing industry.

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