Best Apps for Freelancers 2023

Apps for freelancers

Freelancing has created a huge impact, and amidst the pandemic, there comes an immersive boom in the freelancing industry. Freelancers use several apps for assistance in their daily schedule. Here is the roundup of the top best apps freelancing apps that freelancers would love to use to add more productivity to their work.

1. Zoom

In a bid to make your freelancing journey a successful ride, you always need to understand the client’s requirements in a more subtle way. This is where the videos come in the place because they are the best way to tell a story. Zoom provides you a platform for arranging visual meetings and online video chat. Conference Rooms and Video Webinars in the application are the areas where you can bring your freelancing career an entirely new outlook. Zoom is available for both users, iOS, and Android

2. Evernote

It goes without saying that sometimes Freelancers find themselves in a multitasking environment. Evernote lets you organize your ideas and keep you posted after time intervals. The in-app feature Web Clipper allows users to save websites online while browsing. Users can find notes easily via a quick search. The app can be found on iOS and Android

3. Dropbox: Cloud Storage

Dropbox’s space brings together the cloud content and your files together. The app lets users access your team’s work from your computer, mobile, or any web browser. It can integrate with other utility apps that freelancers need most. It also enables users to access centralized team content for better collaboration with the client. You can download it from Android and iOS.

4. Zapier

Automation always enhances productivity and freelancers undoubtedly need it most of the time. Zapier brings the easiest way to automate and integrate your project with other important apps. Zapier moves information between different apps automatically and helps you to focus on your project.

5. Trello

Trello has been the leading choice for working in remote environments. You might be dealing with your client in specific day hours and afraid of missing something out. Trello has the solution to such problems, its features include Trello boards, Cards, and Lists. The high priority tasks can be streamlined and assigned to their respective deadlines. The app can be found on both, Android and iOS.

6. Be Focused

Be Focused is one of the apps that aim to retain your motivation and focus while working on freelancing projects. You can track your progress on the basis of a custom period, i.e. days, weeks, or months. It provides full synchronization between multiple devices, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Be Focused allows you to break up your tasks into separate phases with their dedicated time slots. The app is available for download on iOS.

So, these were the apps that freelancers can use in their daily life to get more out of their busy routines. These apps will not only help them remember their tasks but can also help in maintaining the quality of their work.

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