Digital Illustration : 5 Things You Need to Know

A Few Things You Need to Know About Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is computer illustration, computer is playing requisite role in it, in other words someone can say that, computerized art, drawing, painting and designing all are form of digital illustration. For cybernetic art, learners have to get knowledge about software and hardware, techniques and methods, as well as types and kinds used for it, and how they can utilize these devices for creating aesthetic sense. If any artist uses the best combination of applications and devices in an effective way, he will produce world appealing and mind blowing graphics and paintings.

The phrase ‘digital art’ was applied in 1980s by June Pak, Frieder nake, Leslie mezei, George nees and Charles Csuri for the first time, after one year an organization was established in London.

For further information, following points will be discussed in this article;

  • Difference between traditional and digital art:
  • Role of hardware and software:
  • Basic styles and techniques:

Difference between traditional and digital illustration:

Actually, digital and traditional art are two sides of a coin, so sometimes, artists adopt both form of illustration for enhancing the beauty of art and creating a masterpiece in the unique world of art.

Traditional art is an active process, it keeps the illustrators active and healthy because of using its tools and devices by their hands, and while digitalization is not active process. Traditional artists use pencil and paper but digital artists use stylus and screen respectively. Traditional artists have to bear a lot of time and efforts, but that case is not with computerization. Output in traditional art is very less than that of digital art; because former is slow process and latter is fast one. Traditional designers need for continuously practice, 2nd one is also need it but less in quantity.

In traditional art the designers shift their plans and thinking on paper and canvas but in digitalization the illustrators transfer on digital canvas. Graphics and paintings of non digital artists are more lively and attractive in comparison of digital designers. Above all things have a lot of importance in digital illustration.

Role of Hardware and Software:

When someone is going to fabricate or construct digital illustration, he/she has to need of good and effective combination of software and hardware, Corel painter and the Waken tablet is a fine and standard amalgamation of both tools. By using both of them, an illustrator can create outstanding and splendid piece of art.

There is also a marvelous mixture of tablet and stylus, tablet work as canvas and stylus can be used in place of paint brush or pencil. Stylus is used to input command on mobile, tablets or laptop‘s screen.

There is a lot of software that provide eye catching and sufficient package of brushes  colors and other facilities, which are necessary for healthy life of master pieces of illustrations. By using, it everybody can construct extraordinary graphics without facing any problem, and it doesn’t matter, whether someone has sufficient knowledge of illustration or not.  Krita, Procreate and Adobe Photoshop are basic software, which can be used for effective illustration.

There is something special type of hardware and that is Macintosh computer, it is particularly designed and prepared for graphic designing, and it has a special feature like Graphic User Interface (GUI). By using graphical icons, user can get direct approach with digital devices through GUI. Macintosh computer provides productive and successful rostrum for the designers, artists and painters.

Basic styles and techniques:

There are a lot of types of styles, which are used in illustration, but basic types are two and that are Vector graphic and Raster graphic:

  • Vector graphic:

2D is a technique that is used for vector graphics, by using it user can draw a graphic and sketch successfully. There are two points and that are X axes and Y axes, on ground of these points graphics are designed, both points have a lot of characteristics like that color, shapes and stroke of brush. SVG, EPS and PDF are graphic format; illustrator can use them for vector graphics.

  • Raster graphics:

Bitmap is another name of raster graphics, these graphics can be designed by angular criss-cross of pixels, that can be see through graphic tablets and papers. For each pixel proper color can be selected by special formats. Printing press and print worker also called it contones.  JPEG, PIVG, GIF and PEGU are special formats, where raster graphics can be saved.

Raster graphics can be changed into vector graphics and vector graphics can be changed into raster by the software, during this process some data is deleted.

To put it in a nutshell, someone cannot help accepting strengthens of digitalization, that can be used for special purposes like advertising, video games and books. For displaying art and painting, someone not need for special space and room, for selling and designing pictures, social media provides some platforms, like photo stock and deviant. Using software is very easy nowadays; learners who have not sufficient knowledge about drawing and art can create masterpieces of art.