Colors in Web Design | Guidelines for Freelancers

The use of colors is important to learn for digital product designers.

Are you a freelance web designer? If yes, then you need to be well-informed about the power of colors in web design. One of the essential things that you need to know is the modern trends in web design for a freelancer.

It is vital to attract a wide audience and motivate clients to order your service. For this, you should build a compelling and strong online presence. Focus on the modern trends that help you create a positive first impression.

So, some of the innovative ways are given below that help you uniquely design your website.

Black and White Pallet

Color is one of the most significant components of a website. It guides users via an interface, unifies a brand, and cultivates moods. For 2020, the daring color scheme of black and white web design makes inspiring statements. Without the use of colors, users start seeing the world differently: shapes and textures become clear.

The impression of black is powerful and assertive; on the other hand, white is reserved and clean. Combining both colors create a striking look. Is it reasonable to design web pages in black and white colors? Yes, there are several other options for you, like illustrations in black and white pallets. This use of colors in web design has a good impact on visitors.

Vibrant Colors Use

The use of colors is important to learn for digital product designers. They strive to utilize vibrant colors. As a layout, it gives a strong visual interest. As a freelance web designer, you know that the attention of the viewers is a valuable resource and one of the most impressive methods to grab the attention.

You need to use the colors that stand out. As per the modern trends of web designing, the use of bright colors in the background captures the visitor’s attention. Colors in web design tell about the designers’ taste in colors. It contributes to a memorable experience.

Colors in Web Design & Split Screen

This is one of the simple design techniques that leaves a solid and deep impact on the viewers with the use of the appropriate color scheme. You can create an image that can be divided into two parts. In this way, each part can deliver a unique message.

This is a beautiful technique that translates well on a mobile device. Yes, on small screens, two horizontal content panels can be split into vertical content blocks. This tactic works well when you require delivering two separate messages. This technique is more striking when you split an image with a relevant text message. The use of a black and white pallet is appropriate here to make the colors in web design usage.

Learn the Psychology of Colors

Red is one of the most attention-grabbing and intense colors. This is one of the hues that is the most powerful and expresses feelings and moods. You can use this color for designing a website that promotes cultural traditions and personal associations.

Just like, other colors, red has a good combination with other colors. It has a huge variety of shades. Each boasts a different meaning. You can invoke a call to action, attract attention, and produce a feeling of urgency.

As per the Orange color web in Infographics of web design, you can obtain the following effects when using orange color on the website:

If you want to impress the younger audience, then you should use orange color in web design. Young teens and children can perceive this color better.

Utilize Bright Colors for High-Conversions

A bright call to action button is the prime source to attain a high conversion rate. In this way, you will be able to grab the attention of the visitors. It encourages investigations for services.


For a freelancer, it is a big challenge to get more jobs. To attain more positions in web designing, you need to follow modern trends and stay up to date with the latest advancements. This is not enough. It would be best if you learned how each trend could be used for your project. Be creative and novel when you are playing with colors. By this best use of colors in web design, you will grab the attention of your customers.

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