Top 15 Highest Paying Programming Languages on Upwork

Top 15 Highest Paying Programming Languages on Upwork

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Earlier two days Upwork released a list of the Top 15 most demanding and highest-paying programming languages for web, mobile and software programmers on Upwork. According to the data, technical skills have shown visible growth in demand with every changing year resulting in the creation of highly lucrative job opportunities for tech professionals.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the economy, Upwork’s list of top 15 programming languages has shown that software developers have the potential of earning high as freelancers. Some of these top languages demand a whopping $66 per hour, which will roughly translate to an annual income of $1,37,000. This amount is higher than the average wage for a web developer across the United States and even other nations.

As more and more individuals are opting for a shift towards work from home, companies seek to hire skilled professionals for the fulfillment of projects. This has created a high demand for technical skills on the Upwork platform. Mobile app and web development are considered to be very high on a demand skill set that commands high rates. No matter which programming language you choose to work in, there is scope for a fulfilling career to build as a freelancer.

Take a look at the different devices you use on a day-to-day basis, and all of them have been built by using different languages. As a developer, you can choose a specialization for creating apps.

On the basis of the average hourly freelance rate, Upwork has classified the following as the top 15 most lucrative and highest-paying programming languages.

Top 15 Highest Paying Programming Languages

  1. Objective – C – $66/hour
  2. Golang – $64/hour
  3. Windows PowerShell – $62/hour
  4. Excel VBA – $60/hour
  5. Kotlin – $60/hour
  6. NET – $59/hour
  7. Ruby – $59/hour
  8. Java – $58/hour
  9. Swift – $56/hour
  10. C# – $56/hour
  11. NET – $56/hour
  12. C++ – $55/hour
  13. SQL – $54/hour
  14. Python – $53/hour
  15. C – $52/hour

Career Paths & Highest Paid Programming Languages

There are several career-building opportunities in this stream. You may choose to work as a developer, an engineer, and a programmer. The programming languages that are most useful and trending should be well researched upon and accordingly take up a career option.

Technical Education Free of Cost

To have a successful career as a freelancer, you have to learn technical skills or upgrade existing ones. The good news is that you can learn all these skills without burning a hole in your pocket. You can actually learn all the programming languages updated in the list by Upwork and others too for free of cost.

You will have plenty of choices to learn from the internet. A simple search on Google, and you can go for free Python, C, Java, or Objective C language courses. You can learn these courses and languages at absolutely no cost, which is why many people have lost their importance as they fail to put in the same effort for the course that they would have put in for a paid one. You can learn several different languages that companies today use to develop apps.

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