Whatsapp is one of the best ways to connect with the customers.

For the freelancers, Whatsapp is one of the best ways to connect with the customers. Whatsapp messenger is an encrypted instant messaging platform which can be used on smartphones. It is an internet based forum, where users can share messages, videos, photos, PDF files, documents, user locations, voice notes and phone contacts with their friends and family for free. Thousands of people are getting registered with Whatsapp on daily basis. With millions of users, people have found it to be a fruitful way of catering customers. The new feature of Whatsapp that is Whatsapp Calls feature has added more colors to the application. People are enjoying the flawless voice clarity to talk to their friends and family all over the world. Other being used by a non-business person, there are many businesses who are registered with the application and are using it to advertise their products and services. Sharing photos and videos for promoting business is a part of Whatsapp marketing campaign, but now free calls are also used to tell targeted marketed about what you are offering and how different you are from your competitors.

Using Whatsapp calls for customer communication

According to a lot of researches and surveys, Whatsapp follow-ups have proven to be more beneficial as compared to regular calls. But now, Whatsapp calls are going to add to the responsiveness of the application in catering customers. It has been said that Whatsapp calls are going to add 40% to the response of the application for the business. People usually do not respond to unknown calls, but when it will be from their favorite brand they will surely respond to it. This also gives a chance to build a relationship with the customers; you can get informal with your customers and convince them to try your products if they haven’t tried yet.

Calls are also said to be an authentic source of information. You can track the number and also keep in touch with the brand. For example, if you have been sent a quotation by the brand for the products and services you are planning to buy, you can discuss it with the customer support of the brand. They are always there to provide all kinds of information. Whatsapp calls are said to be a great follow-up technique which can lead to an informal relation between the two parties.

Connection with customers

Whatsapp calls have made it to the list of ways to connect with your customers. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have been used for a long time by brands to advertise their product and services. They have used different tools to attract the targeted audience and talk to them about their requirements. Calls are a more direct source and give authentic reviews. There are many small businesses that are operating from Facebook and using Whatsapp to communicate personally with their clients. This way, they can talk to them and ask their opinion about the products they have been served. This also encourages brands to bring improvements in their services to increase the level of satisfaction among the users.


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