Pinterest Vs. Instagram: Which One is Better for Freelancers

Pinterest Vs. Instagram

Many forums are being used for the purpose of online marketing and approaching potential customers. Pinterest and Instagram are at the top of the list when it comes to online marketing. Both of them seem to be the same kind of forums, but actually, they are very different from each other. When you will learn more about these intricacies, it will help you build up your business more effectively and efficiently.

Both of them are visual sharing social media platforms for freelancers where you can share pictures for other people to see. Businesses have been using these forums for a while now and have reported an increase in sales and revenue. In the later parts of the article, we are going to discuss a few differences between the two platforms.


A user is more focused on the curation and discovery of content of other users. Pinterest can help you search for specific content, tips, inspiration, and products.  While Instagram allows its users to take pictures or make videos from their phones. People who use Instagram are looking for more of a personal experience rather than following brands. But the content you will share on Instagram must give an authentic view of your business. Both are qualitative platforms for freelancers.


Every pin on Pinterest is linked to the source of the image, which is usually an external site. However, on Instagram links can be shared in the bio of the picture only.

Targeted audience

The users of Pinterest are usually females. 70% of Pinterest users are females, but on Instagram, there is an equal percentage of men and women. 56% of Pinterest users fall in the age group of 18-34 while Instagram users are pretty young – said to be fresh blood.


Instagram can help you create amazing pictures and give a professional look to the pictures. Pinterest is based on already existing pictures on the internet. Pinterest and Instagram both are photo-facilitated platforms for freelancers.


Compared to Pinterest, Instagram is somehow conversational. You can ask people to comment and share their ideas about the pictures and videos you are sharing.


Hashtags are used on Pinterest and Instagram both, but Instagram is more famous for being searched on the basis of hashtags. Users are free to use as many hashtags as they want for your photo or video.


Storytelling is easy by strategically using the themed boards on the different platforms for freelancers. This is considered to be a great way on engaging the audience. Promotions on Pinterest can be quite effective. On the other hand, Instagram pictures and videos tend to promote creative connection with the brands, by providing different ways to communicate with the brand and inquire about products and services.

Social media strategists need to identify the differences between the two online marketing forums so they can make full use of these forums. With millions of users on the internet, it is easy for businesses to cater to a more significant number of customers. But, there is a need to develop a solid strategy to run the online marketing strategy successfully. However, the importance of social media websites has to be understood and added to the marketing strategies on the platforms for freelancers.

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