PUBG Game banned in India amid China-India border tensions. It is due to geopolitical issue between two neighbors.

Waves of news all over media surfaces as PUBG banned in India, that is a very popular and a favorite gaming app of the young crowd.  As per the latest order by Indian Government, PUBG mobile and PUBG Mobile lite have been banned. The reasons given cite to cybersecurity and geopolitical tensions between the two neighboring borders of china and India over the Ladakh situation.

Along with 118 Chinese apps including TikTok, Shareit, UC browser and many more banned in India earlier this year, PUBG which is the latest to be banned has garnered a lot of meme creation by the internet.

Social media has reacted to PUBG ban in the form of funny memes. The internet is flooded with memes and funny twitter threads showing how much of a relief it has been for Indian parents, as most kids and adults too have been hooked to the game. Many people are showing gratitude to the government for the ban.  India is said to be the top country in the world to have highest number of mobile application downloads, because of which the government is now focused on ‘made in India’ apps.

With regards to the PUBG banned in India and users are often comparing the outcome of TikTok ban and other Chinese shopping websites and apps which were earlier banned such as Shein, Clubfactory etc.

Many people have been complaining that the battle Royale game PUBG came as a savior during lockdown, at a time when there is nothing better to do. Many users in social media have expressed sadness and frustration while some are ready to sacrifice as part of their nationalism.

Just moments after the ban of PUBG was announced in India, Hashtags started trending on twitter such as #PUBG, #ChineseAppsBan #Pubgban. Moreover, a rival game to PUBG named as Free Fire is gaining more recognition and users are turning towards that as a substitute to their favorite game PUBG which after winning promises users for a scrumptious “winner winner chicken dinner” . The game was played by a lot of young population of India who were actually quite addicted to the game. But, parents can now take a sigh of relief after the PUBG banned in India, as it will allow the young members of their family to finally de addict and move focus from the game.

The PUBG mobile app is said to have had around 33 million active users in India. Although, PUBG is not an entirely Chinese owned app, Many Indian users have been keen to know more about how much actually PUBG is owned by Tencent and have Googled to understand the actual case. It is said to have a 10% stakehold in Bluehole.  It is developed by a South Korean Company but the mobile version which was most popular in India was developed by a Chinese company called Tencent.

The Indian government released a statement saying that these apps “collect and share data in a surreptious manner and compromise personal data and information of users”.  The decision has been taken to ensure safety and security of the Indian cyberspace by this PUBG banned in India.


    • Due to tension on border with China about 118 apps are banned by Indian Government. Remember, PUBG is owened by Chinese entrepreneurs.


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