WordPress Blog via BlueHost for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Step by step a WordPress blog via BlueHost for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is the use of the strategies and techniques to promote awareness of a brand, product, publication, and blog on social media. It encourages content sharing to attract people to your blog.

Starting a blog and website making are not new to all users. If you have heard to start blogging and need to begin your own blog, then you should go for the appropriate guidance for Social Media Optimization. In this way, you will learn how to start a new blog. In this article, you will be able to showcase your talent over the web. It makes easy for you to make money from it. It does not matter which niche, you select. You experience does not matter. You need to learn and follow the entire process without any hassle.

Step by step Process of Social Media Optimization beginning to end that includes

  • Buying a web hosting plan
  • Registration of the free domain
  • Installation WordPress
  • Customization of the WordPress Stocks
  • Offering a professional touch to your blog

Before heading to technical things and installation, you should learn about 3 things that assist you in the future to handle better your blog and its development.

1.Web Hosting for Social Media Optimization

Do you know about web hosting? You need a web host where your blog is residing. When you buy a hosting plan from the web hosting providers, you will get a server that allows you to store other data, content, images, and files. It is the most vital factor when you start a blog and you require making sure you have the best one. It is a vital factor for Social Media Optimization. In this way, you can introduce your blog on social media.

2.Domain Name

A domain name is a certain name you need your IP address. When you buy a web hosting plan, the domain provider allocates with the specific IP address either dedicated or shared. With this IP when you link your server name that is where the domain redirects anyone that tries to access it from the browsers.

3.Purchasing and Choosing a Domain Name

Free domains work for Social Media Optimization. As far as buying factor is concerned, a user has a free domain option as well. Yes, you do not need to buy your preferred domain names. You can use a free domain for your blog. If you are going to buy a domain then it costs you 12 bucks to buy from registrars. Always choose a reliable domain name provider or registrar because you have to use the domain forever.

  • A domain name for free is included with all plans.
  • It is a good option as per WordPress.org for WordPress

How to select a web host as a beginner?

Always prefer BlueHost because it is an inexpensive and quick way to start a blog. In this way you can introduce your blog and go for the BlueHost offers you the best available prices for shared hosting services. For the beginner, it is an ultimate option. To the beginners, it gives a special discount of 60% on all plans to share with you.