With the rapid advancement and expansion of technology also comes a wide range of technical problems in Pakistan. Pakistan as an independent nation has been struggling economically and socially for the past fifty-sixty years. Throughout the entire time, It has faced some paramount issues. Today we are living in a loop of Information and Communication technology, were meeting the standards of the IT world is the most important and difficult task.

Technology is directly proportional to the economic growth of the country. More the advancements and facilities more social and economic development. But for technology to be productive and advanced, it is necessary to bring out innovative inventions. There are over 1500 or more IT companies in Pakistan, which are somehow managing to deliver their best but lacks major facilities, funds, and encouragement for product development. With our neighbor countries like China, Indian, and Malaysia who have been suitably investing and supporting the technology since the beginning is at the top-notch rankings whereas, Pakistan is still struggling to fill in the gaps.

Various technology problems in Pakistan are being neglected, where the Government has also failed to give effective and appropriate solutions. These problems are not only affecting the growth of the economy in Pakistan but also leading us to the lowest rankings in the Innovation Index.



Quality of education is a very significant factor in the technology world and its growth. Progress in technology is unimaginable without proper education. People with good skills and innovative ideas and brains are lacking the major facility of tech-education. Youth has not been provided with structural institutions, which helps them involve intellectually in technology at an international level of excellence. Major research grants are missing on a big scale. Due to improper educational systems, the brightest and valuable students are being neglected which is a big loss for the technological world.


When it comes to the government of Pakistan, they have failed to show dedication or contribute towards the technological development of Pakistan. There’s a major deprivation of grants and incentives by the government to the IT sector. As much as there’s a need for improved institutions and IT centers, the government has been least interested to allocate a decent budget for its development. Even with the skill and potential, the sectors are unable to give its 100% because of the mentioned major problem.


In the 21st Century, incubators are significant and essential to the technology sectors. Though there are several technology parks who are well-structured and are promoting incubators and start-ups, there still is a need for more tech-incubators to be introduced. Its high time Incubators must get promoted in order to deliver quality business opportunities and ideas. Tech-related start-ups are in the dire need of Incubators, who with their skills and imaginations can attract international investors as well.


As extra as it sounds, it is and it has been a major technical problem in Pakistan. Every Institute, center, technology park, Incubation or IT sector is filled with the majority of amateur and unprofessional crew. Instead of giving opportunities to the brains of our country, the high power has been getting a lead. With the over-crowded space and lack of experts, it is difficult to function with absolute potential and achieve milestones. Whether it be any domain or sector “Less is always more”.


High quality based research and development always has an edge in the technology sector. Risk of falling only starts when one doesn’t know which step to put forward. Research has been given a very low priority in the technology sector. No research facilities have been provided in the past times, in universities or prime tech-centers. It is essential to upgrade universities or research centers with appropriate facilities and international level of excellence. High quality based research in various fields can bring the technology of Pakistan to the front.

Its high time we realize the Technology Problem in Pakistan and emphasize on the importance of technology in today’s world. In order to compete with other strong nations, Pakistan needs to prioritize technology and invest more in educational facilities, research grants, incubation, skilled labor, productive services and guaranteed opportunities to the youth.  Technological progress is the key to the economic and social growth of Pakistan. To benefit from the technology, the necessary framework must be introduced and innovative policies should be followed in business and research. To cope up with the challenges and problems in technological world Government must pay attention and contribute in the tech-sector.