This Netflix Version will also provide same features.

Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry had shared via a tweet that Pakistan is also developing an app like Netflix and will be launching soon. He also said the technical aspect of the first-of-a-kind OTT platform has been completed.

As we now, Netflix is the top streaming service in the world. This Netflix Version will also provide same features. That’s why Pakistan’s science ministry believes that now is time to launch the country’s own local streaming platform. We have asked PEMRA to organize a guideline on content because technology part is completed.

Chaudhry wrote: “We will be all set to launch in PPP (Public-Private Partnership) mode.”

Netflix reported 2.2 million net new subscribers in its third quarter. After two constant quarters topping the 10 million mark along with shelter-in-place orders associated to the Covid-19 pandemic. Netflix said net income of US$790 million, or US$1.74 a share, corresponds with net income of US$1.74 a share in the last year’s quarter. Maybe this Netflix Version also move up soon.

Netflix, a US-based streaming giant is currently available about in 130 countries. It allows users to watch a wide variety of shows and movies in different languages after charges subscription fees. About 193 million people use the service across the globe, out of which 73 million users are of United States. It is possible that our Netflix Version also spread around the globe.  

A social media user, Sujiat also commented, “Such a big achievement. I think it’s the first time in history of Pakistan. Pakistani people know the true meaning of the ministry of Science & Technology.”

This Netflix Version is developing after a greater need of artists. The need of a local OTT platform has been emphasized upon by many Pakistani artists. Especially, after five Pakistani original series were picked up by an Indian streaming giant. That’s why the ministry of science & technology is focused on this Netflix Version. Earlier, director Asim Abbasi whose web series Churails garnered rave reviews on ZEE5 shared his feelings on the same. Asked why Pakistan is still struggling to attain the heights Indian content has, film-maker replied, “Streaming platforms give power back to content creators. Their mandate of diversification allows for new voices to come to the forefront. It’s a huge stepping stone in the right direction and I expect a lot of visionary, experimental film-makers from Pakistan will turn to the web in the coming year.”   


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