TikTok Banned In Pakistan

TikTok ban Pakistan

The news came from the entertainment industry where TikTok went under the knife because of massive numbers of complaints from Pakistan. In other words TikTok banned in Pakistan. TikTok is a Video-sharing app which is owned by Chines Company named ByteDance, and surprisingly, this application only downloaded 39 million times on in Pakistan. You can say, it has a significant number of users as compared to any other video-sharing application. According to recent research, after Facebook and Whatsapp, it is one of the most downloaded and using apps of Pakistan.

Recently, The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has sent some instructions and also file many complaints to monitories the offensive content from TikTok. They also send a final warning to TikTok users to ban and remove the immoral and sexual content because it can damage social values. These were the reasons that TikTok banned in Pakistan.

PM’s focal person Arslan Khalid has share PTA notification to TikTok where they demand to remove the unethical content that causes pain for the parents. Now, here a question arises, why there is a need to ban this application when we have an option to remove the immoral content? What are the leading causes behind these significant steps? Let’s find out.


There are a big number of videos which need to delete from the app because they contain vulgar and nudity which is not bearable at any level. The leading causes might be including:

  1. Nude videos
  2. Sexual content
  3. Misuse of the app by females
  4. Vulgar moves and languages etc

Even in the case of TikTok banned in Pakistan also supported by PM Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. Many people start speaking against the PM’s suggestion because they think it’s a great platform to earn money. Many account holders are also using this application to run their expense cycle. Somehow, it could be why TikTok is still working in Pakistan after the final warning from PTA.

Why is TikTok Still Working?

TikTok removes more than 49 million videos only from July to Dec 2019, but all of these videos belong to different countries like America and India. According to their guideline, from the deleted videos, a quarter of the content contained sexual activity and nudity, which is not allowed in Pakistan. Around 3 Million videos are deleted from TikTok. The community guidelines are getting strict on the app so the people can’t upload such video again; otherwise, their accounts will be suspended. TikTok banned in Pakistan should make the youngster cool and clean mind.

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