PTA had blocked the social media app (TikTok) on October 9.

PTA had blocked the social media app (TikTok) on October 9. Because there are some immoral, indecent, vulgar and unlawful content are present.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said in a statement to unban TikTok. On Monday 15, the government restored the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok unbanned in Pakistan. They committed to block accounts repeatedly shearing “immoral and indecent” contents. The telecom regulator had said that the judgment to ban the app was after the authority acknowledged a number of “complaints from different segments of society”. This decision kept after full commitment and assurance from management that they will block all those accounts repeatedly.

“After TikTok unbanned the TikTok will adequate the account in accordance with local laws”.  

Some TikTokers angry devastated; call TikTok ban a gust to creative freedoms. While TikTok is not an app to destroy youth because it is an application which can spread both contents moral and immoral to their visitor.

Reason Behind TikTok Unbanned

On Saturday, TikTok had expressed disappointment that its users and creators in Pakistan were still unable to access the video-shearing platform. According to TikTok spokesperson, the video-shearing app kept engaging with the PTA to exhibit its commitment and fulfill all the required local laws. The spokesperson also said that TikTok had made “concerted pains to address questions from the Pakistani government around their content moderation process”. 

TikTok’s mission is not to spread immorality but its mission is to inspire creativity and joy. Earlier it is just an app to express feelings but now it is also an app to earn money by your talent and expressions. Now they have started account system to manage your balance. Mostly people started immoral activities to attract the audience to rank his/her account. Because more traffic on your account means greater earning. This is the main point of TikTok was ban. Now after a strong commitments TikTok unbanned.

TikTok has built a community whose creativity and excitement has brought joy and inspiration to households. “We continue to expect that our productive dialogue with the PTA can bring guarantee of the government’s commitment to a stable, enabling environment whereby we can look at investing further in the market, including in the exciting talent we have seen thrive on TikTok”. 


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