GDPR POLICY | Freelancepur


General data protection regulation is the rule made by the European Legislations to prevent any breach of the data and also allowed the European citizens to secure their data.  This regulation forces the companies who take the data of the consumer to secure their data and make it private as much as possible.

In our company, we have made sure that we will follow the GDPR policy and will ensure that all the data of the member of our team will be secured in our server which only has the authority of the manager to open. According to the GDPR policy, we will tell you why we are taking your data. What is the benefit you are going to get by that?

We will have transparency in everything, and our GDPR policy is one of the primary examples of that. According to our policy, we will not use your data outside our portal.  It means that your data will only be forwarded to the people inside the country who are your probable customers or the people who require your services.

We take the security of our customers and members very seriously; that is why we have made and established Data protection officer who will make show the protection of every data comes in our server.  The production officer will make sure that all the data is only in the server and also it doesn’t have any other authority to look at it.

Under our policy, we will give you all the rights you have.  You have every right to the information and also every right to object.  You can also have a restricted policy. You also have the right to Automatic decision Making and profiling.  Under our policy will give you every access to the answer to every question you have.

Our team will make sure that if there is anything we are changing in our policy, then the first and the most important thing is to tell our team members before making it happen. Our team members should be relaxed and should remember that we have made the specialised team who will follow all the laws made by the European legislators to secure the data of every European. And, we are working under the law, so it is our responsibility to follow it word by word.

Before using your data, we will ask you to give your consent because we need your letter to process it more for marketing purposes.  We have every right after your concern to use your data as we like but without any infringement. For example, we can ask you to give consent when we are looking for some probable customers of yours who are looking for your contact information.  We can give you the right to object about this situation if you think that your contact number or personal information can be used maliciously. In our policy, we will ask you for everything until we see that it is our right under the law.

While creating the account on our website, you will be giving many of the answers to the questions as your consent.  So before making your website, you should read all the laws and clauses and when you are satisfied, then you can go to the next step and sign up on our website.  By signing up, you will give your personal information and consent to us which will ensure that we can use your letter as we like until there is some forgery from our side.  In order to prevent that you need to give us every detail of how and why we can use your data. And we will give you every detail about why we are asking for your data.

You will be asked to check on multiple boxes which will ask you some questions about your consent, and you need to read those questions before ticking mark the answer. The terms and condition are mentioned on our website which will work related to GDPR policy which will be followed under the law of the European legislation