Managing Freelancing’s Stress: Six Ways to Take Power Back

Managing Freelancing’s Stress Six Ways to Take Power Back

Many people step into the Freelancing world to make a handsome earning through a side hustle. A side hustle that keeps running their bank account without doing so much. There is no single specific rule that guides a freelancer to achieve their presumed goals. Everyone has their own journey with so many distinct elements in it, leading to different conclusions. But among all these dissimilarities, the one factor continues to echo in the freelancer’s community, that is, how to deal with the stress that spills over from the pool of close deadlines and meeting the client’s expectations.

Freelancing is indeed a rewarding activity, but no luxury comes without making an effort or bringing yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to burn the midnight oil to leave an impact on your surroundings unless you are born with a gold spoon. Freelancer has brought a few nuggets of wisdom to assist in your freelancing hustle. Navigate all of them if you have been dealing with stress during your freelancing hours.

1. Select Project Wisely

Freelancing gives you the freedom to choose the projects which you want to work on and reject those which you don’t. Unfortunately, it has been seen that a multitude of freelancers are not interested in availing of this opportunity. At the same time, they are more inclined to utter YES to every buyer coming into their inboxes. You should never forget that you have created your Gigs for the specific service you are offering.

Never go beyond your Gig description; if you are doing otherwise, you yourself have invited stress. The mess of irrelevant orders should be avoided for the sake of your own peace of mind. You will not be happy to spend your freelancing earnings to pay for hiring a psychiatrist.

2. Ask for Help From Your Seniors

When a librarian asked a question, why should someone read the books? To learn from the other’s experience, he succinctly responded. This is also why you should consult your problems with the senior. Find a cooperative and empathetic senior, and ask him for a coffee someday.

Make sure you both have agreed on the spare hour for this sitting. Otherwise, one of you who is compromising the busy routine could not give undivided attention to the agenda. For many, the stress relieves only after when it got shared with a trusted friend. Never make further delay if you are coping with the mental disturbance and share it with someone who had gone through it.

3. Stick to Your Work Schedule

Whether you are a full-time freelancer or doing it in free hours, you always need to stick to your planned schedule. You have 24 hours every day; you cannot tailor every bit of your day. Hence when you got the opportunity of playing with the time, you should completely avail yourself of it.

Never communicate with clients if their message ringed after your working hour. If you would not stick to your decided timeline, you will end up in complete burnout amidst the created chaos of orders. Be honest and tell your clients that “my time has been completed and I have done with today’s workload, I will get back to you tomorrow.”

4. Never Forget Yourself

No matter how strict the deadline is, it can never be more important than your mental health. Always get some time for yourself. Bring meditation and exercise back to your life. There can be different methods in which one may find solace. Watch movies of accomplished filmmakers and start a book of your preferred genre.

Your goal is not to engage yourself in other activities but to decompress your mind. If you, like me, love to dream while sleeping, go for it and take naps periodically. Your hormones should be treated well as they are key fluids that will determine your productivity and performance.

5. Boost Productivity by Using Apps

The tools and apps that you are using to get the work done have an intrinsic relation with your productivity level. There are plenty of top-chart apps that you should use during your freelancing hours. This will save time, enhance productivity, and subsequently will give you relief.

If you tend to forget points while multitasking, you should have Evernote on your device, instantly save the notes and organize your ideas. If you are struggling to keep the motivation alive, you need the Be Focused app installed as soon as possible. It will retain your motivation level and keep you posted about your progress after custom periods.

6. Give Attention to the Tiny Details

If you are giving your 100 percent and still not getting your client’s smile, it is high time to revisit your workplace and the tools you are using for freelancing. You might have a problem with your desktop chair or not having a peaceful spot for doing work.

Freelancers mostly ignore these tiny details, but these factors played their roles in making up a healthy attitude toward work. Try to diminish every annoyance around your desktop table and stay focused.

Sum Up

Despite all the perks and benefits freelancing ensures, it still has less importance than your mental health. Make a balance in your work life and pay heed to the aforementioned tips. Plan your day, use utility apps, and share your freelancing problems with your senior. Eat well and take proper sleep daily. Rejuvenate your midday with your favorite meal at lunch. Happy Freelancing!

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