Technology is moving towards more advancement day by day.

Technology is moving towards more advancement day by day. TV channels, posters and billboards were used for marketing purpose, but now businesses and organizations prefer marketing through internet or internet marketing. Internet marketing is way of promoting the brands or products and helps entrepreneurs in getting fame. If you are running a business either it is small or well established, you need marketing of your products. You can use typical ways of marketing like ads on TV, posters on billboards but these means of marketing are failed to reach all the targeted audience. For targeting all the audience, you need to focus on internet marketing. Before going for internet marketing, you must have knowledge about what are the tools of internet marketing. In this article there are ten best services marketing tools, which will help you in understanding the whole procedure:

  1. Oracle Marketing Cloud:

It is the best and more powerful services marketing tool of 2016. It has strong Email and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing features. These features help in attracting more customers on your website so, you can gain high ranking on search result pages. It has function of social media manager, which create more customers on social media such as face book, instagram etc. it indicates how you are performing online marketing strategies. Competitors are considered the threat of business, so through this tool of marketing you can get information about your competitors.  This marketing tool is best for small businesses because it is not much complicated.

  • Hub spot:

It has ability of automation marketing services. It automatically generates marketing campaigns. It has addition of SEO marketing. This tool is best for small businesses because it is very inexpensive and wants a limited budget.

  • iContact:

This tool can be used for connecting with social media such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google. You can create pages through this tool. This tool is very easy to use.

  • Sales Fusion:

This services marketing tool has strong power of generating electronic E-mails and social media contacts. It has also function of SEO marketing. This tools is best for report making and analysis.

  • Sales force:

This tool will provide you marketing services according to you needs and wants. You can get all the benefits from this tool such as email, SEO and connection with social media. This tool is best if you want to get popularity on social media.

  • Callidus cloud marketing:

It has strong features of email, social media and reporting analysis. It can perform better with Face book, twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Genesis framework:

If you are running your business or writing blogs then there is need of creating more audience and readers. This services marketing tool helps you in creating a platform where you can create more customers.

  • Campaign monitor:

This is the best tool of marketing. It is used for promotions through product or brand campaigns.

  • Stream send:

This tool is intelligent, fast to spread the word of mouth. It works hard and plays harder.

  1. Get Response:

This services marketing tool identifies the best customers and sends them relevant emails and messages about the brand.


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