Social media has made the writing career as one of the successful careers.

With the advancement of the social media networks, the marketing or sale of the product has become an easier task. Every sort of career whether it is writing a book or marketing of products, everything has drastically changed. Social media marketing is a solid way to advertise your products and services online. For the fashion designers, it provides a wide scope. If a person is fond of writing then why don’t he opt it as a career. Suppose, you want to sale your books online or as a freelancer, you have got the project to increase the sales of the books of an author. You can use this platform for marketing. Social media has made the writing career as one of the successful careers. It promotes the books on such social site which in turn, enhances the sales of the books. Some of the best and effective ways are listed below:

  1. Use of images

Social media networking is the technology, getting advanced. People are more relying on visual aids and they are more attracted to it. An author should pair the book with some attractive cover having the author’s sign at the corner. Moreover, optimize the image for different platforms, so that it is easier to share at any site

  • Make a book trailer

It is recommended for the author to release a trailer with full of suspense to make audience curious about the inner content of the book. Such trailer would definitely compel the social media users to click on the book and enhance its sale.

  • Use short and emotional headlines

The users of different social media network respond to different sorts of headlines. Good headlines are particularly short and simple, which uses some killer phrases and emotional words. Readers would definitely look to the book that is compelling with some curiosity statement.

  • Comment on threads in social media groups

It is crucial for the author to comment on the threads in social media groups, as it will leave a positive and intellectual impression of the author

  • Use hashtags

Use of hashtags could enhance the exposure of the book on the social media networks. It actually helps the content of the book to perform better, as it would double the engagement of the readers.

  • Research on the active time of the target audience

An author needs to do a thorough research on the activation time of the target audience on different social sites. Some websites have more active users in the evening, some have in the morning while others have their users at night. The author should publish his book cover at different timings on different websites.

  • Get some fun

People would never click on a boring stuff, no matter how interesting it is actually. The author should share some fun sort of videos which could make people join the campaign of the book launch.

  • Remain consistent

The ultimate secret of a successful career is to try, try, and try. The author should remain consistent and he should not lose hope too early. If one strategy is not working, then instead of giving up, he should try it in some other way.

  • Create a discussion forum

Many sources are important for social media network. It is necessary to have some discussion forum where the reader and the author could interact. Such forums paved the way towards a successful writing career.

  1. Run an event

When everything goes will, the author is bound to run an even in order to celebrate such achievement and give readers some unique opportunity to join.


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