It's all about 5G technology in Pakistan.

 5th generation mobile network commonly known as 5G technology. It’s a new mobile network standard  after 4G. South Korea was the first country to have access to 5G. Research says 5G will cover  65% of the population. Speed is 10x faster then 4G and reduced latency as compared to 4G.  

5G technology uses short-range signals to send and receive data in network of small cell sites. Which  results in increased download rate and reduced latency. It’s possible that 5G will replace  WiFi.5G has many cons like coverage issues.5G works at speed of 20Gbps (2.5 GBs) per cell.  Which makes it 10 times faster than 4G. 

Most common question people ask is “Will 5G work on a 4G phone” and the answer is yes. But  the problem is the speed of internet will be reduced to some extent. Lates series of iPhone works with 5G technology cellular networks.  

Which company makes 5G chips for iPhone  

Qualcomm makes 5G chips for iPhone. X55 chips are designed by U.S. mobile chip developer.  All the latest iPhone series will carry 5G carriers. 

5G Stocks 

▪ Ciena 

▪ Nvidia 

▪ Nokia 

▪ AT&T 

▪ Qualcomm 

▪ Crown Castle International 

▪ Vuzix 

Who holds 5G key? 

Gilat satellite networks makes VSAT satellite stations. Recently Comtech agreed to acquire Gilat  satellite networks for approximately $532,500,000 (532.5 million dollars). 

5G’s fatal flaw 

A devasting 5G technology flaw the industry needs to overcome is they need to provide much  faster speed than 4G. 5G can do this because it’s using a higher and faster range of radio 

frequency spectrum between 30 and 300 gigahertz. If there’s an obstacle between antenna and  you phone like wall or a tree then you can’t access 5G. 

Nokia hiring employees 

Nokia has recently hired around 350 employees for research in Finland to tackle this situation.  The main problem is within the chip 

Why 5G towers are different as compared to 4G towers 

5G towers are so small as compared to 4G towers. They can be positioned in light poles, are on  building-tops. 

Countries banning 5G technology 

Brussels banned 5G due to reports of health effects. UK Frome Town Council and UK  Glastonbury Town Council also banned 5G.


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