All SEOs always focus on the strategy to generate high-quality backlinks because they know the significance of it.

Are you a SEO freelancer? All SEOs always focus on the strategy to generate high-quality backlinks because they know the significance of it. Google gives the ranking, and other search engines give ranking to the pages. It means all the websites need backlinks: other search engines and Google like the sites that contain links, relevance and authority to similar websites. There are numerous options to get links to your websites. Now, you need to decide how to choose and use links to your site. 

Significance of link building

In 2020, link building is a method of earning links. It improves the website reputation and matters where it ranks in search engine. If you create links with by your own, it may be risky. You need to create a website or business content attractive for the social shares and organic links. In the long run, unnatural links will not be helpful. There are some ways to earn or build these back-links. An SEO freelancer must command on them. These are given below.

1. High-quality content 

Let bloggers and industry leaders to link back to your website by generating your content. If you want to link good content, then you should write any the quality content. If this content is valuable, relevant, unique, actionable and attractive, other websites and bloggers will link to your content. There is some specific type of content that attains more backlinks and shares. In this way, it becomes easy to earn backlinks that provide a boost to your SEO exposure. 

2. Broken links

The broken-link building method is highly effective for creating one-way backlinks. The tactic includes to contact a webmaster report for the broken links. You can recommend another site for link replacement, at the same time. This will be your site for sure. You are reporting the broken links, and it is a favor for webmaster, the opportunity of getting a backlink back to you is higher. For using the broken link-process, first of all, search for a relevant website that must contain resource pages. An expert SEO freelancer always do this. You can search these sites in the following ways

  • URL, links of the keywords
  • Resources and keywords
  • Links and keywords
  • This is an easy way to earn broken links. 

3. Link building via infographics

For an SEO freelancer the most famous processes that is used to bring traffic to your site and gain valuable links. This is great because it is simple to share and understand. It is a fact that the majority of people like visual data. This is the reason, demand for infographics is increasing day by day. Think about using influential publications online. Select your infographics, and it must include an interesting and unique story for your visitors. Follow the trending topics and focus what the audience wants to see. Use statistical data and generate your infographics. 


If you are beginner, then your first question is how to get links. Do not download or choose a tool online that gives the offer to provide a thousand backlinks for free. Your site may be penalized due to these 1000 backlinks because these are spam.


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