Fiverr announced today about it’s new campaign, It is the launch of their new service Logo Maker. Fiverr Logo Maker uses modern machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence Technology).

Fiver, the leading global online marketplace for freelancers announced today about it’s new campaign “It starts here”.  It is the launch of their new service Logo Maker. Fiverr Logo Maker uses modern machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence Technology).

With the help of this new service, users can now create their own logo with their own vision that they have in mind. It combines Artificial Intelligence with human design skills. This new feature is meant to contour the process involved in logo creation.

Fiverr, also known as the company that changes how the world works together, is a platform of skilled freelancers that offer digital services in 400+ categories across several domains. Fiverr Logo Maker includes graphic design, digital marketing, video and animation, programming and so on.

With Fiver’s new logo designing campaign, it allows users the opportunity to access machine learning. It has eased the task of several businesses through it’s breakthrough campaign.

It combines the power of Artificial intelligence with human skills to give users the best possible output.

With the new Artificial intelligence powered logo maker created by Fiverr, logos for businesses can be made with high efficiency and little effort. With just a few clicks, desired logos with the exact picture one has in mind can be created.

Fiverr logo maker also gives sellers on the Fiver platform an opportunity to monetize their existing skills. With the AI based tools provided by Fiverr, it eases their task of creating logos and logo permutations before finalizing the perfect one.

The latest initiative taken by Fiverr is here to prove that AI when combined with human creativity, can only further unleash human skills. And not limit it.

Providing complete branding packages for businesses is now just a click away, all thanks to the logo maker by Fiverr.

Moreover it enables buyers to work closely with the designer who originally created their template. The designers will make changes and work on the logo template which otherwise cannot be accomplished through AI alone. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the new service by Fiverr gives us the best of both worlds.

Fiverr logo maker certainly benefits human freelance designers in many ways. Hence the idea that Artificial intelligence technology is going to replace humans and will result in loss of employment, holds no value. It only harnesses creative thinking with additional technological advancement, thereby increasing the earning potential.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world and crashed the social and economic growth, maintaining an online presence for companies is no longer just an option, rather a prerequisite for survival.

This is where Fiver’s new campaignwill be put to great use. Companies are in dire need to find experienced support and solutions. Fiver created this campaign especially for those who are trying to make it work during this time of Global crisis. 

Furthermore, Fiver is also launching an evolution of its brand identity. This goes to prove how it has created a revolution over the years. It has greatly impacted the way the world works.  It has gone through some major changes over the past 10 years and has come a long way. The company’s brand evolution reflects the advancements it has made while providing opportunities to the users to build and create businesses.

Fiverr Logo Maker | Professional Logo in a Few Clicks

By the new offer of Fiverr logo maker, everyone can make a logo he/she loves for a brand. This new service works as:

1. Tell about your brand or business

2. Explain the required look & feel

3. Leave rest upon Fiverr logo maker

4. Add personal touch if you want more

5. Your logo is ready

This is all about new feature of Fiverr for logo designing via AI. Useful for new learners and people, may be risky for professional graphic designers.


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