Baby Planet, a Plan9 Startup Raises $250,000 Investment from a Singapore based Venture.

Baby Planet, a Lahore based startup of Plan9 raises handsome investment of $250,000 from a Singapore venture. The investor name is High Output Ventures, which had also launched an accelerator program in Pakistan. The purpose of this program is to invest in growing Pakistani startups.

Baby Planet was found in 2014 by a Pakistani Entrepreneur, Irfan Ahmed. The startup deals in a wide range of babies’ products. From toddlers to 12+ age group children’, all are entertained here. Not only “Bacha Party” but also pregnant mothers can also buy a lot of maternity products from Diapers, mushrooms, starter sets, shoes, strollers, highchairs, walkers, bouncers & rockers along with toys beautify this unique store. Packages and prices are also competitive as compared to other traditional markets.

Baby Planet participated in the third cycle of Plan9 and secured a prominent position. The startup was incubated for the period of six month, and started working in the market. As we know, Plan9 is one of the largest incubation centers in the country.  It is powered by Punjab Information Technology Board, which is serving in this age of technological advancement.

According to the CEO of Baby Planet as well as High Output Ventures the seed round funding will be used for different purposes. A new setup, strategic planning, marketing, human resource management and financial parts will be modified. Digital marketing is the need of time and necessary for small & big entrepreneurial setups. Special attention and prominent part for digital marketing is required from investment. It is an experienced and well known alumina of Plan9, and happy news for some other potential startups.

Some more potential startups from the incubation center of Plan9 are working in the market, and it is good news for them too. If Ventures, Angel Investors and Business Tycoons invest in such rising startups then it is beneficial for startups. Not only for startups but also for them and country it is a positive sign. The Pakistani economy needs such positive signs to grow. Conclusively, Baby Planet, High Output Ventures and Plan9, all are happy and hopeful for a better future after joining this journey of mutual bindings. Our hopes, best wishes and prayers are also with them, as well as with Pakistan.

Some Sparkling Points:

  • Startup Name: Baby Planet
  • Investment Raised: $250,000 (About 400,00,000 PKR)
  • Investor: High Output Ventures
  • Incubator: Plan9 (Powered by Punjab Information Technology Board)


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