Digital marketing industry has gone through a revolution in the past two decades.

Digital marketing industry has gone through a revolution in the past two decades. From just being a simple thing it has become a part of most of the marketing strategies designed by different industries and companies. Not only this, digital marketing has also been bringing lots of revenues for businesses and has helped brands to make improvements in their products and services through customers reviews. Google being the biggest and the most used search engine has played a vital role in gathering people at one place and making them reach their desired products and services in no time. They have been working on their algorithms for a while now, all to bring advancement and increase the output. The latest Google algorithm released is Hummingbird. This might seem to be a little tricky, but it has all those features that have been a part of the previous algorithms; they are:

  • Keywords placement is still going to be a careful choice.
  • Signals that were used earlier are still going to be result oriented.
  • SEO are still important which will earn legitimate back links.
  • Engaging and original content is still the most basic requirement.

Only big change

The only big change that has been made in the latest Google algorithm is the way people will need to search in order to reach the desired destination or information. It is going to break all the previous habits of doing a search. Currently, when we wish to search something we type in your query and Google provides us with countless results that can be somehow linked to the query we are trying to get answered. This is just like a wild goose chase. But will Hummingbird, we will be able to find the exact links that will be related to the whole context of the query.

Smart search

The latest change in Google algorithm is said to be smart search channel. Users will no longer see useless links on the search engine, they will end up with some great and direct answers for the user. This will save time and all the hustle of taking a look at all the links provided on the search page. Hummingbird looks at the context of the queries rather than taking all the words of the query as separate entities.

Why is it difficult?

There is a possibility that new internet marketers or freelancers find it difficult to cope up with such a big change in Google. The major reason behind it is that people are not used to entering direct questions in the search bar. They put in big sentences which lead to countless results on the answer page. Furthermore, people do not use the right keywords. The use of correct keyword will need to be practiced by the marketers to reach their destination and end up with something result oriented. But using Google algorithm we can control this.

Why hummingbird?

Many people wonder the reason behind giving the name “Hummingbird” to the new Google algorithm. The reason is that this algorithm is as accurate and fast as a hummingbird. There could not be a better description for the latest algorithm.


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